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Who We Are 

Gordon has been working in construction and renovations for over 15 years. in 2000 he started renovating and flipping properties. In 2005 he began working  professionally as a carpenter for a few years. After that he ran a siding company, moved on to general contracting and then was hired on at a large-scale construction company for another 3 years where he ran and managed jobsites with budgets from $30g to $2m.
That's when Gordon saw a need: a way to provide the service and management of large scale construction scaled down to a lower price point for residential homeowners and commercial tenants. Gordon felt residential homeowners should have the same project management big builds employ, utilizing budgeting, scheduling, daily reporting and tracking but without the overhead that comes with a large construction company. GMW DreamBuild was born.
GMW Crew Photo3.png
A note from Gordon:
 Having spent many hours both on the tools and in management, I have a unique dual-perspective. I have worked closely with city officials, engineers, designers and architects and I've been through hundreds of inspections. I can draft plans, navigate the permit process, build a set of curved stairs or hand frame a roof.  On site you'll find me problem solving with my hammer in one hand and my laptop in the other.
We are a small, tight-knit company. We realize you will be inviting us into your home or personal workspace. In respect of that I have gradually hand picked a skilled team who have a wide understanding of the tools and tasks required, and the ability to mitigate unexpected costs day to day. Each and every one of my employees has a good head on their shoulders and a keen eye.
The same goes for my trades. I have strong connections with reliable trades who excel at their craft and take pride in their skill. Maintaining a good working relationship with these crucial professionals is tantamount.
I have learned that with these three elements at the forefront of the GMW DreamBuild mission, we can budget, schedule, track and execute your build or renovation with optimal success:
1) A solid plan
2) The right team in place to implement it;
3) Strong connections with reliable trades.
... That's what it takes.
Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing about your project.
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