Daily Reports

During your build you will get a full report every day. You will be kept abreast of start and finish times, site attendance, trades progress, important communications, tasks completed, materials purchased, progress photos etc. You will be informed of every step forward and every setback. (At the end of the project you can put the reports together into a book that makes a great record to share with friends and family).


Daily reports are uncommon. This is a service most clients rave about: they want to stay informed. It's also an invaluable resource we can refer to if we run into a trade dispute or need to find a buried electrical box later.

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If we are mutually understood and happy with the prelim trade estimate I can start hammering down the budget. This takes a bit of time and input. I prefer to secure a deposit before moving forward with this. In this phase I will be sourcing alternate materials, finalizing design details with you and your architect or designer (or mine), and fleshing out a more accurate budget.

Once we have agreed on the budget, the contract fee is fixed (5% - 15%, depending on the size of the budget). Any change directives will have no effect on that fee.  If the cost of the work grows, the fee remains fixed. It motivates me to finish your job more efficiently (because then I make more). Change orders or unforseen variable are taken on a case by case basis and you are not charged extra for anything without signing off on it first. You will always know where you stand.

Crew Rates



Skilled Helper..........$45/hr

General Labour.......$35/hr

Day Labourer...........$25-30/hr

Please be aware labour rates are subject to fluctuate as workers become unavailable or new forces are hired. Your rates will be clearly outline before sign-off.

Prelim Trade Estimate

If you are considering me as your contractor, this is the first document you will see. The initial estimate will be based on unit costs, historical trade data, available trade input and crew rates (see below). This will give us an accurate estimate of the budget.